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Insurance Coverage – What you need to know.

Dental insurance can be extremely confusing, after all, our front desk staff had to complete a certification program to be able to deal with it! But here is some useful information about how plans work and the terms they use to help you navigate the world of dental coverage. Please remember to always read your […]

Permanent Teeth, what you should know.

Here’s what you need to know about permanent teeth. When do primary teeth come in? Typically we see babies start teething around 6 months old. This is there first set of teeth called “primary” teeth, though often referred to as baby teeth. There are 20 primary teeth that continue to erupt until age 2-3. Besides […]

Gifts Your Teeth will Love

Give the gifts of beautiful teeth this holiday season. Dental products can make a great gift whether your budget is big or small! Tooth brushes and tooth paste make great stocking stuffers. Especially for kiddos who are still learning how to brush. Bristles can become chewed up and ineffective faster when toddlers are just learning […]

Costumes Inspired by your Dental Office!

Not sure which costume to buy this year? Need some last minute inspiration? We’ve got you! No one else at the party will be wearing these! Darla from Finding Nemo Who could forget Darla the “Fish Killer” from Finding Nemo? She’s the niece of Dr. P. Sherman (42 Wallaby Way, Sydney) and with a Dentist […]

Iconic Teeth From Your Favourite Movies

Halloween is coming up – this year your costume can be instantly recognizable with some iconic teeth! Movies and TV shows use prosthetic teeth, natural imperfections in the actors teeth, and make up to give their characters a distinct look. Winifred Sanderson, Hocus Pocus The oldest of the Sanderson sisters was obsessed with beauty and […]

Tongue Traits That Tell The Truth

Your tongue plays an important role in your development. Beginning in your infant years, licking everything from the floor to your Mom, to your teen years with your first kiss, or even a daring taste of spicy food. But did you know your tongue can tell you a lot about your oral and overall health? […]

Denture Care – What You’re Doing Right and Wrong

A denture can help your smile look and feel its best. But what happens when you aren’t caring for it properly? A poorly cared for denture can lead to bad breath, infection, and your appliance becoming misshapen. How to Properly Store Dentures The American Dental Association recommends storing your dentures in cold water or cleaning […]

School snacks for healthy teeth

With the return to school fast approaching our office sees the improvement in your child’s oral health. No more all-day summer snacking and slurping back sugary drinks. The snacks you send in your child’s lunch can help keep their smile healthy all year long. School Snacks, Dentist Approved: Fresh fruit and crunchy vegetables. They’re high […]

Sleep troubles? How we can help with snoring.

Are you waking up every morning feeling more tired than the night before? Are you being kicked by your partner all night because of your snoring? Sleep doesn’t come easily to everyone. Did you know dentists have special training to deal with OSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Your dentist can recognize your risk factors for sleep […]

Surprising Facts About Teeth!

Let’s explore some of the most surprising things you probably didn’t know about teeth! Your Teeth: Your teeth’s enamel is the hardest substance in your body. Just don’t test in on bottle caps because… Teeth are the only part of your body that do not naturally heal. But on average, people only spend 48 seconds […]