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TikTok Veneer Trend Ain’t Bussin.

In a recent TikTok trend influencers are doing “veneer checks” to show off their shaved down teeth. The problem is – these influencers aren’t getting veneers! Their teeth are prepped in a way that suggests they’re getting full mouth crowns. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal,  crowns compromise a great deal of your […]

What’s Hiding Under Your Mask?

Fourteen months of hiding your face under a mask could leave your teeth looking a little… scary. We want to help you feel confident when your mask comes off! Our office offers a variety of cosmetic and medical procedures that can help you achieve your best smile! From in-office whitening, implants, Invisalign, and Botox, to […]

COVID-19 Transmission Low Risk for Dental Offices

We know COVID spreads mainly through respiratory droplets and the fear of dental aerosols during cleanings has kept many patients away from the dentist’s chair. When saliva was considered potentially deadly at the start of the pandemic, Dr. Purnima Kumar from Ohio State University decided a long-term answer was needed to settle the question of […]

April 22nd is World Earth Day

World Earth Day is April 22. Since 1970, 193 counties have joined the cause. Here are a few simple tips to participate this year. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Use reusable coffee mugs and water bottles. Reduce your meat consumption. Recycle household plastics, paper and glass. Stop using single-use plastic bottles, straws […]

Fun Animal Teeth Facts!

We love talking about teeth around here. For something different, we are going to explore some fun facts about ANIMAL teeth. Animal teeth can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and positions. A tooth is made up of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Teeth are specific to an animals diet. A Herbivorous animal […]

Tooth fairy traditions around the world

In North America we all know of the Tooth Fairy. She collects your tooth from under your pillow and leaves money but around the world some kids have very different plans for fallen teeth. In Asian cultures, kids throw their discarded teeth while making a wish. If it’s a tooth from the lower jaw, they […]

Stuffy nose for 2 years caused by extra tooth!

A Danish man suffered for 2 years with a stuffy and runny nose. The 59 year old was eventually referred to a specialist after topical steroids did not improve his condition. A CT scan on his nasal cavity showed a mass and during the extraction of the mass doctors were surprised to find a tooth! […]

Baby Teeth – When do they come in?

The most common questions we are asked about Baby teeth are “when will they come in?” and “when will they fall out?”. While the answer can vary – we have a general timeline for when we expect these things to occur. Most children will have all 20 of their primary teeth by the time they […]

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Many people have mild to moderate dental phobias. A lack of understanding about what happens while you’re in the chair for a cleaning can add to this fear. First Exam Your hygienist will likely start by doing a quick exam of your mouth, noting and potential areas of concern to discuss with the dentist when […]

Pregnancy and how it affects your oral health.

While keeping your mouth healthy is important, it becomes even more so during pregnancy. As your hormones change you may face oral health issues such as gum and bone disease. The following preventative measures will help keep your smile healthy and reduce risks such as low birth weight and pre-term delivery. Morning Sickness One of the […]