Causes of teeth discoloration


This is a relevant topic in the world today!
Staying home due to Covid-19 outbreaks and not having regular cleaning and recall appointments, may cause your teeth to stain or look not as shiny as before. But first, it is important to understand what causes your teeth to discolor. There are several causes for teeth discoloration:

* Your Diet:
The types of foods and beverages you have on a daily basis play a crucial role in causing tooth discoloration. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea, red wine or other colored drinks such as energy drinks and Gatorade, then your teeth will discolor over time.
If you are addicted to coffee or tea, then quitting it might be hard.Try not to sip your coffee all day long and manage to brush your teeth afterward to lessen the damage.
You should know, although apples and potatoes are not very colorful, they are also known to stain your teeth.
* Tobacco:
People who smoke a lot stain their teeth rapidly. They might turn yellow fist and then to a darker shade with the passage of time.
Thus, if you smoke or your chew tobacco infused products, then you might suffer from severe teeth discoloration.
Poor Oral and Dental Hygiene:
The surface of your teeth needs to be cleaned properly to keep your teeth white and bright. If you do not brush twice per day and floss at least once daily, then your teeth with discolor.
Poor dental hygiene is not only going to cause yellow teeth, but it damages your gums and raises bad breath too.
* Genetics:
This is something that you cannot turn around, but this is quite rare. Some people get stained teeth from their parents or someone in their family. When everyone is back to normal, we can surely turn that around for you with teeth whitening.
* Medicines:
There are a set of medicines that are known to discolor teeth. Some antibiotics discolor children’s teeth rapidly.

There are several other causes of teeth discoloration, but we have summed up the most common ones for you right here. It can be caused due to age or environmental problems. In some people, tooth discoloration happens due to trauma too.
Hope this article helps you to take better care of your teeth while waiting for your next cleaning appointment.
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