Tooth fairy traditions around the world

In North America we all know of the Tooth Fairy. She collects your tooth from under your pillow and leaves money but around the world some kids have very different plans for fallen teeth.

In Asian cultures, kids throw their discarded teeth while making a wish. If it’s a tooth from the lower jaw, they throw it up on a roof. If it’s a tooth from the upper jaw, they throw it to the ground or under a porch. It is believed that the new tooth will be pulled towards the old one.

In Span, the Tooth Fairy is replaces by a tooth mouse. Known as “Raton Perez” he will exchange a gift for the lost tooth. Many children leave the tooth in a glass of water for Perez to drink. France also has a tooth collecting mouse called “la bonne Petite Souris” but he prefers to leave candy.

South Americans have ditched the pillow and instead leave teeth in slippers for the Tooth Fairy to collect.

Lastly, in Central Asia, kids like to include their family pet. The fallen tooth is put in fat and fed to the dog (we do not support this idea!). The premise is a hope that the new tooth will be a strong as a dogs. No pet? No problem! Just bury it by the a tree for strong roots.

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