Stuffy nose for 2 years caused by extra tooth!

A Danish man suffered for 2 years with a stuffy and runny nose. The 59 year old was eventually referred to a specialist after topical steroids did not improve his condition.
A CT scan on his nasal cavity showed a mass and during the extraction of the mass doctors were surprised to find a tooth!

Retained teeth in the nasal cavity is extremely rare with only 23 recorded cases in the last 50 years.

Teeth lodged in the nasal cavity can happen due to trauma, infections, or conditions like cleft palate/lip. In this case Doctors believe the tooth had been there most of the man’s life without any symptoms.

It’s not uncommon for people to grow extra or “supernumary” teeth (Freddie Mercury had 4!). Occasionally these teeth will grow upwards or sideways, rather than into the mouth.

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